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Adoring the Tranquility of Adra

The town of Adra is a great choice for a tranquil holiday. This coastal town is beautiful with its soft and gentle surroundings. It is renowned for its mild weather throughout the year with rare high temperatures exceeding 38° C in the summer.


Though there may not be much activity in town, there can be enough for one to indulge in for a weekend. Adra is ideal for those seeking solace and quiet; it is a good spot for relaxation and enjoy a time of refreshing. The tranquil environment brings refreshment to the soul and healing to the body with the fresh air and friendly locals.

One can enjoy fishing in the vast ocean while seafaring has been a prominent activity throughout the centuries. Adra’s history is pivoted on the sea with Phoenician sailors making a call during the 8th century. The Greeks named Adra “Abdera” for the economic activities planned as it was strategically located.

Fishing is the mainstay in Adra; besides that, there is plenty of fertile land for fruits and vegetables. Hence, a lot of fresh produce can be enjoyed in a wide range of gastronomy delights. Adra locals enjoy the best of land and sea offerings.

The marina at Adra is very busy with its active fishing port. Daily catches are auctioned off at the local fish market “Lonja del Puerto”. Tourists can enjoy boat rides to discover interesting sight along the coast. There are beautiful sunsets that can be enjoyed on “Paseo Maritimo” promenade.

Beach offerings

Adra offers long stretches of beautiful sandy beaches; with 13 kilometers, the maintenance of the beach is excellent which led to the coveted award of “blue flag”. Their high standard of cleanliness makes them a popular spot for tourists as well as locals who come on the weekends. Adra is blessed with crystal clear water that is warm and safe. The rich marine life attracts many divers to check out the varied fauna and flora in the sea.

Families love the clean beaches of Adra with the many conveniences of shops, restaurants, pubs and bars as well as comfortable resorts along the beach.


Adra is a quaint quiet town today but it sports a raucous history with many warriors seeking to conquer it. The Carthaginians came and took Adra as an economic center but the Romans came along in the Punic wars and took over. Today, many historical monuments showcase Adra’s turbulent past with “Torre de Guainos” tower which was set up during the 11th century. There is a quaint parish church that is still functioning with a 15th century castle and city walls.

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Diverse Holiday Offerings at Costa De Almeria

Costa de Almeria is also known as the Gulf of Almeria; this coastline is 217km long in the Almeria province between Granada and Murcia at the southeast of Andalusia.

The coast of Almeria is a diverse scenic coast with varied natural landscapes. There are long stretches of fine sandy beaches, small bays, hidden coves, desert landscapes, green oases, forests and fruit and vegetable plantations with majestic mountain ranges in the background.

Delightful landscapes

With the bright sun shining over Almeria most of the year, the subtropical climate is too tempting to resist for a well deserved holiday. The Mediterranean climate of hot and dry weather with an average temperature of 19 º C draws many to its shores every year even in winter when the water is warmer than the air.

Almeria has dramatic desert landscapes which have caught the attention of the film industry where far-west movies were filmed; these include “Indiana Jones”, “The Last Crusade” and “Conan the Barbarian”.

There are pristine beaches along Costa de Almeria which attract many tourists. Luxurious resorts line the coast with many exciting towns such as Adra, Almerimar, Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce, El Toyo and Vera.

These resorts offer different landscapes to form beautiful surroundings that delight the tourists with the modern structures blending in well.

Beach offerings

Many tourists flock to Costa de Almeria for the beautiful sunshine and sandy beaches. There are lots to keep them occupied for those who love the sun and warm waters. Those who want a good tan would not be disappointed while families enjoy a good time of bonding on the beach and frolicking in the waters.

One can enjoy a lot of water sports that include snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, boat rides and fishing. There are many bays and coves to explore which can keep one occupied.

Natural reserves

Besides the lovely beaches that stretch for miles, tourists would enjoy the natural beauty around Costa de Almeria. There are many nature reserves along the coast. Cabo de Gata which is located 20 minutes away from the city offers dunes and salines with quaint fishing villages.

Punta Entinas-Sabinar offers wetlands which house many types of water birds; Albuferas de Adra offers 2 salt water lagoons which are nature reserves for hundreds of protected species. Desierto de Tabernas is a desert landscape which has many Wild West movies filmed; Sierra Maria offers snow and dense forests which serve as home to eagles, wild cats, foxes and genets.

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Overall Delights in Andalusia

Spain may be a large country to cover in any holiday visit but a good place to begin is Andalusia. This is Spain’s Autonomous Community having the largest population. In terms of surface, Andalusia is the second largest in the whole of Spain.

Special offerings

The beautifully varied landscapes with the benign climate draw many tourists to Andalusia the whole year long. Andalusia offers over 300 days of sunshine every year with miles of golden sandy beaches and friendly locals.

Andalusia is famous for its beautiful natural ports which have been a safe refuge for all navigators especially in the olden days when the Phoenicians came to port.

The Community of Andalusia comprises 8 provinces; namely, Almeria, Cordoba, Cadiz, Huelva, Granada, Jaen, Seville and Malaga. Each province offers delightful cities and towns rich in history and culture that only time would reveal all the specialties of each province. Andalusia can offer golden sandy beaches to majestic mountain ranges with exotic fauna and flora among typical Andalusia whitewashed villages that are rich in culture and folklore.

The capital of Andalusia is Seville which is also the third largest Spanish city well loved by tourists.

Beach offering

The bountiful sunshine in Andalusia draws droves of tourists to its beautiful coast throughout the year especially to Costa de la Luz in Huelva where the Atlantic Ocean beats onto the fine sandy shores of the Mediterranean coast. There is also the famous Strait of Gibraltar flowing to Costa del Sol in Almeria where less wind and warmer waters abound.

Andalusia is beautifully located across Guadalquivir River which has seen ancient civilizations develop an impressive historical track along with the majestic mountain ranges of Sistemas Beticos and Sierra Morena.

A beach holiday in Andalusia is an ideal choice with the warm climate and great waters for a variety of water sports. One can enjoy scuba diving, surfing, jet skiing, swimming, boat rides and snorkeling. In certain parts of Andalusia where the wind is stronger, one can enjoy wind surfing and kite flying.

Rich culture

Besides the beautiful beaches across Andalusia, there is the rich culture and deep Spanish folklore offered by Andalusia. Many cities and towns are vibrant with the Flamenco music and dances as well as the traditional bullfighting during its San Fermin festivals.

There are numerous festivals which are vibrantly celebrated across Andalusia; each festival brings out the deep rooted traditions and culture in its most authentic style.

Andalusia is a land of deep rooted traditions which have blended well with modern civilizations.

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Enjoying the Heritage at Santiago de Compostela

Spain has many regions; Galicia is one of the delightful Spanish regions with exciting cities like Santiago de Compostela. This Galician capital offers the best of natural landscapes with a lot of lush greens around its countryside. This city is famous with the historical events of Saint James; one of Jesus’ disciples. The city is named after this apostle whose ashes have been kept in the city cathedral. Thousands of religious pilgrims come through this way to pay tribute to the apostle annually over the past 10 decades.

Heritage center

Santiago de Compostela is a natural city heritage and culture; there are ancient quarters which have been beautifully preserved that would attract any tourist. Its 92,000 residents share this lovely city with 40,000 university students along with the myriad of tourists who come by every year.

Santiago is a strong holiday destination as it is easily accessible from major European cities with a short flight over. This city has also been named by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site for its myriad of interesting medieval squares and paths. It sports a beautiful ancient quarter at Praza do Obradoiro which is a large and beautiful square in the city with 18th century paved stones.

There is also the enchanting Reis Católicos hostel which is a medieval parador that was a hospital before it was converted to a pilgrim’s hostel. The 15th century Colegio de San Xerome now serves as a university administration building while the Romanesque Cathedral sports an 11th century Obradoiro façade. However, the whole building was only completed in the 14th century. Now it showcases a Baroque exterior with Neo-classical facelifts made in the 1700s.

There is also a burial ground whose plot has been reassigned to a unique stepped plaza, the Praza da Quintana. A few ancient monuments scatter around with a Baroque façade faked over the castle of Casa de Longa.

Touring the city

Sightseeing Santiago is easy with the abundant of free guide books with updated city maps available at any tourist office in the city.

It is easy to wander leisurely around Santiago de Compostela to enjoy its scenic landscapes by car, bike or via a tour group. One can view Pazo de Oca; a private palace with well maintained gardens. This place is known as the “Galician Versailles” by the locals. Pazo Santa Cruz displays lush olive groves which flourish in the summer.

A guided tour by any reputable travel agency would supply all the interesting information on Santiago with an experienced and well versed guide on all sights in this city.

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Spain At A Glance

Spain is a great country and it should therefore come as no wonder that it receives so many visitors every year. The weather in Spain is just amazing and it is therefore perfect for holidays all year through.

When we think of Spain, the first thing that comes to mind is the world famous bull fights. They have been practiced in Spain from time immemorial and are therefore a major part of Spain’s culture. What comes to mind is also the flamenco type of music. The merry heartedness of the Spaniards is a great attraction to a region with some of the best beach areas in the world.

Spain has most of the times been viewed as Europe’s cultural center. It is so deep in culture that even Europeans come for holiday in Spain. The sun is the greatest attraction to Spain and many people love the region just because of the fair weather and beautiful beaches.

Spain has some of the most beautiful towns and cities. There is so much to see in all the cities as well as towns in Spain. The old monuments are something to behold. They are many and clearly tell the history of the land. The different architectural designs clearly tell from which era the monuments are from. There are also some futuristic architectural designs that are worth seeing. The different architectural designs from different times blend in so nicely that you will be dazed.

The different regions in Spain experience different climatic conditions and the areas are also geographically diverse. The personalities of the people at different regions of Spain also differ to a great extent.

Spain is divided into 17 regions that are autonomous. This means that all the areas are quite different from each other. What you experience in one area is not necessarily what will be experienced in the next. You will discover that every new day in Spain is a whole new experience that will leave you wanting to see more and more of the country. We all like a change.

The country itself lies on the Iberian Peninsula. It covers 80 % of the peninsula while the remaining 20% is Portugal. Spain is also bordered by France and Andorra. The Pyrenees are able to offer a wonderful frontier that is very natural.

The Balearics and Canary Islands further extend Spain’s territory. There are islands here that are so popular for touristy purposes. Ibiza is by far the most popular in the area and is therefore a place that is really worth consideration.

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